Michal Tavrovsky and Jenny Belotserkovsky, two visionaries with different view on art, paintings, and world, decided to collaborate together and open Sanyok Gallery in 2008. Their decision was based on mutual intention: To plunge into the process of implementing the Gallery's vision while directly connecting and communicating with the people.

Their constant search for pure and emotionally charged ways of expressing their notion of art enabled them to create one of the most prominent art galleries in Northern California.

Our Mission

The goal of the two founders is to share their limitless perception of creativity and life with the people and to share their personal experiences, which happen outside of the walls of the gallery.

Sanyok Gallery is exited to open its doors at the Greenwich Mansion in the heart of San Francisco. Our curatorial program will open with a series of exclusive art salons, which will feature works by experimental contemporary artists.

Exhibiting works in the new format of an intimate and temporary art salon is giving endless opportunities to the artists to incorporate elements of time and performance that will create unforgettable experiences for the viewer.